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The others think I come here for the cake. They’re partly right. I have a mighty sweet tooth, and that’s what brought me in here once.

But I come back for the sparkle in the baker’s shy, dark eyes and the streak like powdered sugar in his glossy black hair.

On that first visit, he gave me a glance and then looked down at his apron. He reached under the glass counter and served me the first slice of cake from the end of the pan. That day, it was white cake with whipped-cream frosting and strawberries.

On my next trip, I wanted to impress him with my Spanish accent, so I asked for the tres leches. He flashed a smile and picked out a thick, sticky slab from the middle of the pan. I mumbled a gracias and took home my treat.

I wondered if something was wrong when I came in two days later and he chose that moment to disappear into the back of the bakery. But in a few seconds, he came back carrying a small white cardboard box tied up with string. Back in the car, I cut the twine and found a perfect slice of golden cake with chocolate buttercream icing, decorated with a single yellow frosting rose.

Some day, we will make beautiful dessert together.

© 2008 Edward F. Gumnick

7 comments to Pasteleria

  • Gika

    What a tasty treat. Thanks.

  • Johnny

    I feel like I know what he taste like and yet I have never met him.

  • efg

    Hi Johnny! Glad to know you’re reading.



  • Kenny

    wow… How romantic! What a beautiful beginning to a romantic love affair.

  • Gayle Goddard

    Love this one! You can describe desserts endlessly and not gain an ounce. Now I want some chocolate.

  • Ed,
    I just wanted to thank you for laughing with me. for being under 60. not loving madonna. she really pisses me off…. as a lapsed michigan catholic…. without dance skills. it was really important to be in that room for me today. thank you.

    for not loving play dough.
    for doing what you were key for me today. i needed a partner in crime even if we didn’t know it…

    keep walking and writing. there was no gratifcation for me in the drive thru’s hard. but i am completely into driving to peru. in fact i am kind of obsessed with the idea…and i think we should definately take barbara with us.. sweet dreams.

  • efg


    Thanks for the note! Did you get my e-mail response? I’m having trouble getting e-mail through to AT&T. Apparently, a couple of my e-mail addresses are blocked. (I feel so dirty.)


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