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Incompleat Iconoclast in the News

I’m so excited! My blog has been cited by Bingo News (“Complete Bingo Resource”). I’d like to thank the spider or robot responsible for this moment in the sun.

I never suspected that there were resources for bingo players. Oh brave new world…!

2 comments to Incompleat Iconoclast in the News

  • Gayle Goddard

    First thing I want to know – how did the Bingo News figure out you were talking about bingo in any way? Second, how cool it is if a bunch of bingo fans jump over and read your whole story! What a treat they have in store….

  • efg

    Bingo News must use some kind of aggregating software—a program that searches the web looking for all instances of the word “bingo.” (Maybe we’ll get a few more links from them for saying “bingo” in these comments.)

    I’m curious whether there are even bingo fans who read Bingo News. If any such bingo enthusiasts visit here, please leave us a note so we’ll know you dropped by!


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